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Heat Pump
Heating Equipment Cleaning
Filter, air duct cleaning
Furnace Repair
Thermostats, Filters, Mechanical repairs
Boiler Repair
Hydronic Heat Maintenance
Keep your heating systems running efficiently with
regular seasonal maintenance.  Call us for Furnace
/ Heat Pump / Boiler Repairs.
: Inspections, Cleaning, Filter
Replacement, Duct Cleaning
Emergency HVAC Services Available
  • A/C | Air Conditioning - Mechanical Issues, Freon issues, Cleaning.  
    Commercial and Residential
  • Furnace | Heating Maintenance -  Furnaces/ Boilers/ Electric Heat -
    Commercial accounts for: businesses, offices, retail,  restaurants,
    doctor clinics, hotels, apartment complexes.
Emmanuel Heating & Cooling Inc provides Residential and Commercial HVAC
Repair Services. Serving
 Chicagoland   Homeowners,  Businesses, Realtors, and
Property Managers.

Call our HVAC Service Technicians to perform routine maintenance, repair, and
installations. We have Professional staff ready to get your HVAC systems in
perfect working order. We are committed to providing customers with a fast
response, professional workmanship, and guaranteed satisfaction.  Keep your
heating systems running efficiently with regular seasonal maintenance.  We
services all HVAC Systems.  Have your system tuned up today.
Heating Repair Services
Cooling Maintenance Service
Seasonal Maintenance
Filter Replacement, air duct cleaning
A/C Installation Services
Installers of most major brands
Mechanical Repairs
Trouble Shooting, Parts Replacement
Freon Recharge
A/C / Refrigeration Units
Call Emmanuel Heating & Cooling Inc for you
A/C and Refrigeration Repair needs. Ask about
our new Installation and Seasonal maintenance
services.  Prevent costly breakdowns.  Call us
today to have your HVAC equipment inspected.  
Extend the life of the equipment.
A/C | Air Conditioning Repair
Keep your cooling and heating
equipment in top notch
condition with our HVAC
preventative maintenance
services.  Seasonal
maintenance checks. Prevent
costly breakdowns.  Call us today
to have your HVAC equipment
inspected.  Extend the life of the
equipment and keep it running
efficiently throughout the
changing of the seasons
Seasonal Air Duct Cleaning
Its important to Regularly clean your air ducts to
insure your HVAC Systems runs efficiently
Breathe easy. Clean your air ducts seasonally.  We
serve your business or home in Lake County, IL
Air Duct Cleaning Services
Before Cleaning
After Cleaning
Seasonal Maintenance Services
Real Estate Inspections
Pre-Sale Home inspection analysis,
maintenance check,
Real Estate Inspections
Home inspection analysis
Insured | Bonded
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Bad Allergies ? Clean your air vents !
Emergency HVAC Services Available
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HVAC Repair / Maintenance- Chicagoland  
HVAC / Furnace Repair Services
Chicagoland Illinois  
Chicago Area
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HVAC Repair / Maintenance -Chicagoland-  
Heat and Cooling Technicians
Serving Chicagoland
Insured | Bonded
Emmanuel Heating & Cooling Inc.
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Energy Saving Tips
Residential / Commercial Heating Services
Thermostat Issues
Repair, Replacement, Installation
Property Management / Commercial Services
HVAC Maintenance and Service Plans
Maintenance is the key to a long-lasting, and properly functioning HVAC
system. To provide our commercial and property management clients with
more cost effective services. We offer a number maintenance and service
plans. These plans provide priority service and discounts on service calls.
Call now to explore your options and sign up for a plan today!  

We aid real estate professionals, agents, brokers, bankers, Realtors, and
apartment complexes and Investment properties.  We specialize in a wide
range of A/C and Heating Services.   Jobs large and small
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Prevent Breakdowns
1. Change your air filter regularly- If the filter looks dirty after a month,
change it. At a minimum, change the filter every 3 months.
2. Tune up your HVAC equipment yearly- A yearly tune-up of your heating
and cooling system can improve efficiency and comfort.
3. Install a programmable thermostat- A programmable thermostat is
ideal for people who are away from home during set periods of time
throughout the week.
4. Seal your heating and cooling ducts- Sealing and insulating ducts
can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system
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