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Keep your heating systems running efficiently with
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Furnace/Boiler Repairs, Inspections, Cleaning, and
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Emmanuel Heating & Cooling Inc installs and repairs all types of water heaters for
the Chicagoland area. Our service technicians can trouble shoot and repair your
electric,  gas water, & tank less heaters promptly.  We repair and install all make
and models of water heaters for the
Chicagoland area

We can help you decide how best to solve your water heater issues. If repair is the
best option, We have the parts and knowledge to fix any water heater repair
problem.  Its important to fix waterheater problems right away too prevent further
damage to your equipment and to prevent any property damage caused by
leaking water tanks.

If your current water heater unit is old, worn out, or inefficient.  Save on your bills
and replace your old system with a modern high-efficiency model.  Upgrading to a
higher efficiency heating system is an effective way to save money on home water
heating bills.
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Never run out of hot water again. Replace your old
water heater units with a new energy efficient tank
less models.  Professional Tank Less Water Heater
Installers.  New Construction, Upgrades, Repair.  
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Emmanuel Heating & Cooling Inc
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Emmanuel Heating & Cooling Inc.
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Energy Efficient Water Heater Installation Tips
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Hot Water Heater Installation
Tankless Waterheaters
- Install ENERGY STAR qualified heating and cooling equipment-  If
your water heater is more than 10 years old and it is not performing
efficiently.  Replace it with a unit that has earned the ENERGY STAR.

- Proper Installation of new equipment- The new equipment must be
properly installed. Improper sized equipment for your building can put
stress on your HVAC System resulting in wasted energy.

- Insulate your hot water tank- This is an easy and inexpensive way to
improve energy efficiency of your water heating system each month.  
Insulation should be used especially with older hot water tanks.
Insulate your hot water pipes as well to avoid heat loss.

For an electric water heaters, you also might consider insulating
underneath the tank as well. A ridged piece of insulation (or bottom
board) will help prevent heat loss into the floor
Property Management / Commercial Services
HVAC Maintenance and Service Plans
We do work for many investors and property
management companies in
Chicago Area Illinois.  We
offer Maintenance Contracts to help our customers
manage monthly HVAC service and maintenance
costs in a more predictable fashion,

Maintenance is the key to a long-lasting, and properly
functioning HVAC system. To provide our commercial
and property management clients with more cost
effective services. We offer a number maintenance
and service plans. These plans provide priority service
and discounts on service calls. Call now to explore
your options and sign up for a plan today!  

We aid real estate professionals, agents, brokers,
bankers, Realtors, and apartment complexes and
Investment properties.  We specialize in a wide range
of A/C and Heating Services.   Jobs large and small
We are a full service HVAC Company providing residential and commercial
heating and air conditioning services for all makes and models.  Serving
 - Homeowners, Businesses, and Property Managers.

Call our HVAC Repair Technicians to perform routine maintenance, repair, and
installations. We have professional staff ready to get your Cooling & Heating
systems in perfect working order.  
Emmanuel Heating & Cooling Inc. is
committed to providing customers with a fast response, professional work, and
guaranteed satisfaction

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